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About JACKON Insulation

XPS solutions with innovative force.
Since our founding in 1987, progress and innovation have always come first. We have established new processes, developed new products and experienced continuous growth. With more than 300 employees today, we are one of the leading suppliers of XPS solutions in Europe.

Our main office and its production facilities are located in Mechau, Germany, and we also have a factory in Olen, Belgium. Our product management, sales and marketing functions are handled from our office in Steinhagen, Germany. With our seamless field service operations, we are never far from our customers.

We supply most of our innovative XPS solutions to customers in Europe, but you can also find our products used in a broad range of applications in places like Dubai or Sydney!

JACKON XPS solutions are just the thing for tough, real-world conditions, e.g. where first-class insulation efficiency is required, heavy moisture loading prevails and the material must withstand extremely high stress. We see ourselves as problem solvers and build on our long-standing experience in materials and manufacturing as well as on the professional, in-depth know-how of our employees. This enables us to overcome challenges and develop the right products for each application.
We believe in innovative ideas and that’s why we try new approaches based on our own research and development work.

To develop innovations for our customer’s benefit, we are prepared to think outside the box and create visionary new concepts. JACKON Insulation stands for progress and the freedom to make good things even better. Learn more about our solutions and products.

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