Savoy Wall Tiles

Savoy Tiles are produced to have variants in a batch. When installed en mass this gives an effect that is very desired, as there is nothing “boring” to look at – everything is different.

Available in 2 sizes, with the 300×100 also having a triangular decor tile. Consider pairing these together to create an impressive installation.

Priced from £64.08 inc VAT per Sqm

Thickness: 8mm (300x100mm) & 6.5mm (200x100mm)

Finishes: Gloss

Material: Ceramic

External Use: No

Non-Slip Rating: N/A

Sealing Required: No

More Images
Savoy Petrol Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1031 – Savoy Petrol Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Marine Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1032 – Savoy Marine Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Luna Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1034 – Savoy Luna Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Ink Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1035 – Savoy Ink Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Sage Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1036 – Savoy Sage Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Slate Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1037 – Savoy Slate Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Pebble Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1038 – Savoy Pebble Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Bone Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1039 – Savoy Bone Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Petrol 300x100mm
DTW-1040 – Savoy Petrol 300x100mm
Savoy Oat 200x100mm
DTW-1064 – Savoy Oat 200x100mm
Savoy Grain 200x100mm
DTW-1065 – Savoy Grain 200x100mm
Savoy Caraway 200x100mm
DTW-1066 – Savoy Caraway 200x100mm
Savoy Dew 200x100mm
DTW-1067 – Savoy Dew 200x100mm
Savoy Steel 200x100mm
DTW-1068 – Savoy Steel 200x100mm
Savoy Noir 200x100mm
DTW-1069 – Savoy Noir 200x100mm
Savoy Leaf 200x100mm
DTW-1070 – Savoy Leaf 200x100mm
Savoy Oat 300x100mm
DTW-1071 – Savoy Oat 300x100mm
Savoy Grain 300x100mm
DTW-1072 – Savoy Grain 300x100mm
Savoy Caraway 300x100mm
DTW-1073 – Savoy Caraway 300x100mm
Savoy Dew 300x100mm
DTW-1074 – Savoy Dew 300x100mm
Savoy Steel 300x100mm
DTW-1075 – Savoy Steel 300x100mm
Savoy Noir 300x100mm
DTW-1076 – Savoy Noir 300x100mm
Savoy Leaf 300x100mm
DTW-1077 – Savoy Leaf 300x100mm
Savoy Oat Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1078 – Savoy Oat Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Grain Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1079 – Savoy Grain Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Caraway Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1080 – Savoy Caraway Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Dew Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1081 – Savoy Dew Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Steel Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1082 – Savoy Steel Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Noir Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1083 – Savoy Noir Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Leaf Decor 300x100mm
DTW-1084 – Savoy Leaf Decor 300x100mm
Savoy Bone 200x100mm
DTW-1085 – Savoy Bone 200x100mm
Savoy Pebble 200x100mm
DTW-1086 – Savoy Pebble 200x100mm
Savoy Slate 200x100mm
DTW-1087 – Savoy Slate 200x100mm
Savoy Sage 200x100mm
DTW-1088 – Savoy Sage 200x100mm
Savoy Ink 200x100mm
DTW-1089 – Savoy Ink 200x100mm
Savoy Luna 200x100mm
DTW-1090 – Savoy Luna 200x100mm
Savoy Marine 200x100mm
DTW-1091 – Savoy Marine 200x100mm
Savoy Petrol 200x100mm
DTW-1092 – Savoy Petrol 200x100mm
Savoy Bone 300x100mm
DTW-1093 – Savoy Bone 300x100mm
Savoy Pebble 300x100mm
DTW-1094 – Savoy Pebble 300x100mm
Savoy Slate 300x100mm
DTW-1095 – Savoy Slate 300x100mm
Savoy Sage 300x100mm
DTW-1096 – Savoy Sage 300x100mm
Savoy Ink 300x100mm
DTW-1097 – Savoy Ink 300x100mm
Savoy Luna 300x100mm
DTW-1098 – Savoy Luna 300x100mm
Savoy Marine 300x100mm
DTW-1099 – Savoy Marine 300x100mm
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