Bellagio Wall & Floor Tiles

Bellagio is one of our most popular ranges, with three colour options for the wall and four for the floor. The gloss finish reflects the light with an air of quality. To accompany these glossy tiles is the Perla Decor tile, with differing tones and textured surface helps combine these natural colours with added interest.

The Bellagio range can be found on display in one of our bays in our showroom. The versatility of Bellagio can be seen, as it has been tiled together with our 3D Volcano range which look amazing together.

Wall Tiles – £27.00 inc VAT per Sqm

Decor Tiles – £30 inc VAT per Sqm

Floor Tiles – £35.94 inc VAT per Sqm

Thickness: 8mm Wall / 10mm Floor
Finishes: Gloss
Material: Ceramic
External Use: No
Non-Slip Rating: N/A
Sealing Required: No

More Images
Bellagio Blanco Gloss 333x550mm
DTW-EC15 – Bellagio Blanco Gloss 333x550mm
Bellagio Perla Gloss 333x550mm
DTW-EC16 – Bellagio Perla Gloss 333x550mm
Bellagio Gris Gloss 333x550mm
DTW-EC17 – Bellagio Gris Gloss 333x550mm
DTW-EC18 – Bellagio Decor 333x550mm
FTW-EC150 – Bellagio Blanco Gloss Floor 608x3608mm
FTW-EC52 – Bellagio Gris Gloss Floor 608x608mm
FTW-EC53 – Bellagio Marfil Gloss Floor 608x608mm
FTW0EC51 – Bellagio Perla Gloss Floor 608x608mm
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