Bellagio Wall & Floor Tiles

Bellagio is one of our most competitively priced wall tiles, with a red body and gloss finish in 3 jaw dropping colours, this range of ceramic wall tiles is perfect for someone looking to re-tile their bathroom on a budget.

The size of this makes it perfect for even the smallest of spaces, while also not being lost in larger areas, the perfect all rounder.

Wall Tiles – £27.00 inc VAT per Sqm

Decor Tiles – £30 inc VAT per Sqm

Floor Tiles – £35.94 inc VAT per Sqm

Thickness: 8mm Wall / 10mm Floor

Finishes: Gloss

Material: Ceramic

External Use: No

Non-Slip Rating: N/A

Sealing Required: No

More Images
Bellagio Blanco Gloss 333x550mm
DTW-EC15 – Bellagio Blanco Gloss 333x550mm
Bellagio Perla Gloss 333x550mm
DTW-EC16 – Bellagio Perla Gloss 333x550mm
Bellagio Gris Gloss 333x550mm
DTW-EC17 – Bellagio Gris Gloss 333x550mm
DTW-EC18 – Bellagio Decor 333x550mm
FTW-EC150 – Bellagio Blanco Gloss Floor 608x3608mm
FTW-EC52 – Bellagio Gris Gloss Floor 608x608mm
FTW-EC53 – Bellagio Marfil Gloss Floor 608x608mm
FTW0EC51 – Bellagio Perla Gloss Floor 608x608mm
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