Hexagon Tiles now the latest trend

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Do you desire to add the most modern trend in tiles to your home? Are you thinking of renewing your bathroom, kitchen, or living area? Then Tile hexagon tiles have the solution!

Yes, you heard me right! 

Now Hexagon tiles are stocked in all Tile Wizards stores and can be utilized as a small interest feature or splashed over your entire bathroom wall to make your home ultra-stylish.

If you want to use them for your bathroom, kitchen splashback, we have lots of sizes, colors, and designs of feature tiles for you to choose from. But you can’t neglect right now hexagon tiles becomes more accessible!

Carrara Hexagon Tile

The most popular trends in interior design are the use of Carrara Hexagon tiles, not only as a design weight but also on bathroom floors, and showers as well as kitchen floors and backsplashes.

Buyers looking for a high quality finished product with a more modern design are increasingly turning towards the unique beauty of hexagon mosaics and other timeless classics, marble subway tiles. 

Carrara Hexagon Tiles give your design project a beautiful and classic finished look with a modern flair.

 Kitchen Splash Back

Hexagon tiles look incredible when building a feature, whether it is in a bathroom or on your kitchen splashback. By installing a various colored, patterned, or sized tile, it will provide you support to update your kitchen, bathroom, or living area instantly.

 Bathroom Floor and Walls    

These tiles can also be utilized on your entire bathroom floor. Using smaller tiles on the floor, which vary from the walls, will add a chic point of difference to your home. However, if you favor a subtle feature, use the hexagon tiles behind the vanity, or in a tiny section of the shower. It looks incredible and is useful when striving to build a standout design in your bathroom, which isn’t too bright.


As recommended before, these tiles look excellent as part of your fireplace, and this is something very unusual that not many people would think of doing. Using tiles around your fireplace is very common and again builds a beautiful feature in your room by drawing the eye.

Hexagon tiles look lovely in any home and are incredibly useful when wanting to create ‘wow factor.’

 Why are hexagon tiles fast becoming the most popular design and size for a unique project?

 Need to install hexagon tiles in your house? While this is an ideal option that is very popular now.

There are several reasons to choose hexagon tiles. Not only they look fantastic and ultimately raise your inside design, despite their delicate look, as porcelain tiles, they are also very long-lasting and hard-wearing. 

Hexagon tiles have six sides and build a unique option for walls, flooring, accents, interests, and backsplashes. If placed correctly, they create a brilliant alluring indoor ambiance.

These tiles can give your bathroom a beautiful look. You may decide that you experience the looks of Italian tile in the hexagonal pattern. 

Adding these tiles can add shine to your bathroom. These tiles can come in a rainbow of colors. The pattern has been noted concerning ages, found in some of the most noted palaces throughout history.   

Next, we choose hexagon tile patterns because they are effortless to install. Just because you pick a geometrically shaped flooring for your home rebuild, doesn’t mean that the installation is complicated. 

Hexagon tile patterns fit collectively like a puzzle. These tiles build a honeycomb pattern. It also makes the design a pocket-friendly option compared to more complex multi-tile models.

There are no complicated cuts or ornate tiles needed. It’s a proper tile installation. That stated, make sure to factor for slightly more waste related to square tile floor installations. 

We suggest a 20% overage for waste, cuts, and borders on any decorative shape. Why? It is more challenging to get more than one cut from an ornamental shaped tile versus square tiles.


So, are you choose to go with a hexagon tile for your bathroom floor tiles and achieve the right colors and materials that match your room, you will have a bathroom that you can be satisfied with and enjoy using regularly. Not to mention all the compliments which you are sure to get from any visitors in your home. So good luck with your remodeling project, and make sure you have fun along the way!