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Looking keep cozy and warm during the winter while at the same time save some money on your heating bills? Then consider getting one of those underfloor heating systems and have it installed in your home.

The floor heating system is trending day by day. It utilizes a simple method to heat the floor and transmit radiation through the bottom of the building. Heating from the bottom of the living space is a better solution for homes and small buildings. These systems are installed at the base of the building. In-floor heating systems are set up using radiators, and target space is warmed up by underfloor heated water tubes or electric wires. You can control the temperature by controlling the temperature of the thermostat installed for your floor. It is the “energy-saving” way of heating the environment.

Types of Floor Heating System 

  • Sticky Mats

Our Sticky Mat System is ideal for installations within regularly shaped areas, where the 0.5m wide mats can be quickly rolled out across the floor in parallel runs. The heating wires should always be embedded within a self-leveling compound to provide a flat and level floor surface to layover. Alternatively, our Foil Heater System offers a completely dry construction that does not require a leveling compound (unless it is to be used underneath a tiled floor finish).

Or, if the area is irregularly shaped (not a square or rectangular form) or has multiple permanent fixtures in it (like a bathroom, for instance, with toilets, baths, sinks and more), Our Loose Wire System is the more suitable in this solution. The Sticky Mat system can be used with all floor types compatible with underfloor heating whether you are choosing laminate flooring, vinyl, carpet, tiles or other. The compatibility with all floor coverings and the fact that Sticky Mat does not visibly raise your floor height makes it the ideal system for refurbishment projects – just remember to double-check with your flooring supplier that the floor type you want to go for is compatible with the underfloor heating system


Want to add radiant floor heat to a high-traffic bathroom or kitchen stone floor or tiling project? DITRA-HEAT heated flooring system is one of the best ways to warm up tile floors. It does more than add floor heating. When you use DITRA-HEAT cable with the uncoupling membrane, you get a 4-in-1 layer that supports tile and stone floors with even load distribution, subfloor protection from wetness and humidity via vapor management and waterproofing properties.

Benefits of using Underfloor Heating(UFH) with your newly laid floor tiles

Apart from being comfortable and environment-friendly, underfloor heating gives homeowners with various benefits enough to make you want to install it in your own homes.

  • Cost-Effective

UFH systems are very energy-efficient as contrasted to traditional heating machines. Homeowners also will not cost the installation that much because UFH systems are simple technologies that can be quickly installed and added to a home’s over-all design.

These systems are energy-efficient and have been proven to overcome electricity and other expenses by as much as 40%. In the long run, homeowners can save more money while also saving lots of energy.

  • Hygienic

People who suffer from asthmatic will have a blast experiencing the comfort that UFH systems provide. Apart from heating a place from the floor up to the ceiling, UFH systems decrease the circulation of dirt in a room since it does not significantly circulate air, unlike traditional heating machines. Underfloor heating systems are found to produce less moisture resulting in the lesser possibility for dust and dust mites.

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