Statuario Wall & Floor Tiles

The Statuario series bases its essence on the natural formations of marble to create a living space where elegance and sophistication is the aim. The purity of this collection is interrupted by delicate veining and mottled tones of grey, bringing dynamism to every interior. The improvement of printing systems provides the perfect setting in which marble effect ceramics are increasingly intense, real and spectacular.

Thickness: 8.7mm to 10.8mm

Finishes: Matt & Gloss

Material: Ceramic

External Use: No

Non-Slip Rating: N/A

Sealing Required: No

More Images
DTW-CF150 – Statuario Gloss 300×900
DTW-CF151 – Statuario Structured Gloss 300×900
FTW-CF130 – Statuario Gloss 300×600
FTW-CF131 – Statuario Gloss 600×600
FTW-CF132 – Statuario Matt 300×600
FTW-CF133 – Statuario Matt 600×600
FTW-CF223 – Statuario Gloss 750×750
Statuario Structured Gloss
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